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The Scrap Box picked up some real treasure from a warehouse that was being emptied: treasure boxes that is!
And a bargain for you at only 50¢ each. Sold Out!
We have more than 6oo of them, ready for you to decorate. They look like little suitcases, and in fact open and close nicely.

They are 5¼ inches deep, and 9½ inches wide and 8 inches tall—brand new, and already assembled.

These boxes would make great containers to store art supplies: paper, crayons, scrapbooking materials; games, travel activities, maps, postcards, journals, small souvenirs; dress-up costumes; story books… let your imagination guide you.

There is plenty of space inside for keeping your treasures safe and organized!

We have lots of materials to cover the printing on these boxes. Colored foam on a roll, book-cloth covers in the paper-by-the-inch aisle, wall-paper samples, and fabric.

Stickers are a nice way to personalize your box. There are also lots of self-adhesive foam shapes, and double stickies to use with transfer foil.
We have some beautiful handmade paper which you could use to make your box into a very beautiful keepsake box.
We have lots of lace, ribbons, buttons, and decorative bits and pieces to embellish your box.