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Today, an enthusiastic customer came in to The Box to gather materials for a Halloween costume for her son.

She noticed our yellow (and bright orange) safety vests, and was inspired to put together a “Crossing Guard” costume.

The vests fasten at the waist with velcro so are one-size-fits-all.

The Box also still has a few of safety-signs. She planned to attach the “School Crossing” signs to the vest, front and back.

The cardboard circles— cake-or-pizza-rounds— are among the few materials we purchase just because they are so useful for so many creative projects.

She thought her son could paint a red octagonal STOP sign on one circle, and a green GO sign on the other. They could sandwich the circles with a 1-inch by 2-foot cardboard tube for a handle. The fellow could command his friends to move or not!

Or at least to slow down…