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The Scrap Box has collected some great Halloween paraphernalia over the past year, and we’ve put it all on display to get you started on making your holiday

good scary fun!

We have lots of brand-new, wrapped-in-plastic, very cute Halloween cards from a local no-longer-in-business store. You’ll also find some nice decorations which were donated by individuals who only gently used them.

Browse the Halloween story books from the local-no-longer-in-business-company. There a even a few Halloween craft books. Click the pictures above: there are decorations of various sizes, and some containers for giving or collecting treats.

The Scrap Box has piles of buckets ready for you to decorate your own Halloween treasure stash.
~~Priced from 25¢ to $1~~

I used a thin sheet of self-adhesive foam, transfer foil, and double-sticky circles
to decorate my Halloween bucket.