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Punaluʻu Beach (also called Black Sand Beach) is a beach between Pāhala and Nāʻālehu on the Big Island of the U.S. state of Hawaii. The beach has black sand made of basalt and created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools
——from Wikipedia

Now is your opportunity to have a Hawaiian party, a black sand beach party! The Scrap Box has beautiful bags of black sand—not really from Hawaii. The coarse sand is black with a bit of sparkle.

To make an instant sculpture, use a tall clear cylindrical glass vase. Fill it about halfway with the black sand, tilt it so the sand is at a slope, then top it with some medium sized dark polished stones.

The sand in a vase would be a dramatic way to hold stalks of real or artificial flowers in an elegant arrangement. Or find a lovely tray and try your hand at Ikebana!

If you want to set a romantic mood, find an attractive shallow bowl, fill it with the black sand and arrange candles of different heights into the sand. Or use baby-food jars filled with black sand to hold individual candles. Place them around your table, and your meal will become a dining experience beyond the mundane.

For a fun “Over-the-Hill” birthday party: place jam jars filled with black sand to hold 40 (or 50, or 60, or even 21) candles down the length of your table and when the birthday person blows out the candles on his cake, have the guests join in by blowing out the other candles.

Use the black sand to make a collage. This one is made inside of a CD/DVD jewel case. I used double-sticky strips which we currently have, but once they are gone, you could use 3M double-sided tap, to cover one side of the CD case. Arrange your collection of thin objects, then pour and press the black sand onto the adhesive surface. Close the CD case, seal it closed with colored tape, and if you like, attach it to a piece of colored mat board.

You could also adapt a purchased picture frame to hold an collection of thicker items.

One caveat here: people sometimes use black sand like this for pets: fish or lizards. I noticed while I played with this sand that the color bled onto my hands: my fingers became disturbingly grey. The Scrap Box may have received this donation because the dye used to color the sand was not fixed, and so using it with live animals would not be recommended. The dye may not be good for terrariums or aquariums.