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Jeff Wawrzaszek (pronounced War-zak) is one of our Scrap Box regulars. He stops in to purchase materials for his magic, especially for the sleight-of-hand magic he reveals to children of all ages.
He is one of Michigan’s most popular and experienced magicians. Jeff has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years. (That doesn’t mean he’s really old…it just means he found his passion and niche in life at a very early age.)
At the Box, we always look forward to seeing Jeff: check out his web-site to see how he can read your mind!

Now, for a bit of magic you can try: begin with a purple tube held in your right hand, between your thumb and palm, and a red tube in your left hand. Manipulate your fingers, and voilá la: the purple tube is in your left hand, the red one is in your right!

Can you do that?
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