Make a cheap 5 minute laptop sleeve!


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First day of school- possibly, you’ve been issued an electronic device…

Our blue closed cell 1/8″ foam off the roll turns out to be ideal for making padded cases for electronics! (Laptops, tablets, phones, ipods: all the electronic junk people carry around) Our foam takes normal staples -just perfectly-! So the staples are embedded and nothing sharp is sticking out!

IMG_1250Materials needed: Blue 1/8 thick foam, scissors, stapler.


Measure generously around the device & cut extra material to cover.


Fold over & staple-


Trim to suit.


For added strength (past one week) trim with ductape, or your preferred designer sticky tape!



Options: maybe a velcro closure? A larger flap to fold over?



Good for laptops, tablets, even tiny mobile! Appropriate for butterfingers! No need to run around unprotected! DON’T DROP THAT LAPTOP! Time: 5 minutes. Cost: minimal.

A lower, fancier solution…

*Because our quantities are limited prices may vary. and items pictured cannot be guaranteed in stock.


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